Lingvopolis emergency business translation bureau is a team of high-skilled professional translators from and into English.


We focus on emergency translation of certificates. articles and memoranda of association, business correspondence, financial and economic documentation, project and tender packages, legal and other business papers, etc. 


Professionals of our translation bureau will make high-quality translation of any documentation volume, including very high quantities, as soon as possible, and translation of any certificates, articles and memoranda of association within 24 hours!

 Our company’s reasonable price policies permit to engage high-skilled translators only, and ensure prompt performance of a customer’s order at the same time, although a volume of translation is high.


We offer a reasonable combination of price and speed in the performance of an order due to the selection of a most efficient operational arrangement, while the quality is permanently high.

We calculate individually every order based on a preliminary price-list towards various types of translation depending on the complication, volume, and promptness of an order, as well as additional service required such as makeup, involvement of informants, and duplication of produced documents.

A calculation unit is a translation page. I.E. 1800 characters including blanks.

Please leave us a request containing a specification of your order and we shall calculate promptly its cost based on the translation volume, promptness, and additional service required.


We have already translated from and into English thousands pages of domestic and foreign certificates, articles and memoranda of association, hundreds contracts, including loan agreements and leases, tens business plans, and even charters of some constitutional entities of the Russian federation.


Tel: 8 (812) 329-22-07
ICQ: 300229113